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Lay your eyes upon the magical language of Sofia Ravens visionary artworks. Creating as a channel, her works are a doorway into the soul and spirit.

Sofia works as a medium, channelling teachings, stories, and messages from spirit and her intuition.  After a 20 year career as a sculptor she moved into painting and drawing to streamline the visions she was receiving.  She is committed to a practice of dropping out of the thought world into the sublime somatic space where we connect with our deepest universal and personal knowing.  In this space, where she works and guides her students and clients, magic happens.  Answers arrive, guidance is profound and truth seems to bubble up from the ethers.  But only when one allows the channel to open and the mind to quiet.  This is at the heart of Sofia's work and teachings.  Mingling her 20 plus years as a professional artist and teacher with her love for the dharma and the ancient shamanic ways of our ancestors.  Laurel believes whole heartedly that creativity is our birthright and most direct link to spirit.

Discover the Art of Divine Spark!

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The Art

Being Water

In the midst of a raging fire of change, the inner waters run through us for purification.  Through tears, the heart, the womb, all guided by the shadow revealed by the raven, our hearts may bleed, but in doing so we become connected to the deepest inner knowing we have.  The primal inner knowing that enables us to survive and tap into our deepest resilience in the face of challenges.

This like many of Sofia's paintings was started in the midst of an awakening, then set aside for almost 2 years.  She then felt called to return to this piece only to find it was a mirror image of what she was moving through in her body and life.  So directly that the night she chose to paint, she also walked out into the woods and found an owl hooting in the woods.  She tiptoed through the forest in the dark, listening for its location until suddenly, the owl flew from behind her right shoulder.  That evening she also wrestled with how she would position her mind to deal with a recent diagnosis.  She decided then and there, to choose her own inner power to quench the fires and envision her own empowerment over the raging fire.  She would prevail.


This piece explores a powerful relationship with passion, energy, desire and ultimately the element of fire, both in our bodies and in our lives.  On her journey, Sofia discovered a desire to find nourishment on a foundational level was important if she was going to wield the power of her own passion in a healthy way.  What does it look like for us to harness our own creative spark in a way that allows us to live in a blossoming ecstatic space, also connected with the darker intuitive aspects of ourself.  Fire can dominate, but we can also find harmony in our cultivation.  What do you see in this piece.  How is harmony found between vision and passion?  Fire and Earthly growth.  

Oh my Daughter

A flash of energy poured from Sofia's fingers one late night in the middle of winter.  The warmth she craved, spilling across the canvas.  A wing, a face, a hand reaching.  Then a mound, a face, then eyes looking, seeing, connecting.

This piece holds the dream and acknowledges the angelic in all of us.  Our child like energy rising above our human form, guided by the flutter of our inner heartbeat.  What we sometimes forget is that our mother is always watching.  From the earth, on so many levels, she is there, knowing exactly what is going on with us at any moment.  We can remember at any time to reach down and touch her.  Reach down and connect and remember our true nature because it is always available.  May this piece remind you of your true heart and your infinite connection to your spirit earth mother.

Golden Pyramid

Sofia found herself surrounded by a circle of powerful healers, all connecting and receiving guidance from the spirit realms.  At the center sat a powerful crystal pyramid. As she closed her eyes, radiance shot up from the pyramid, piercing the sky above them and simultaneously she felt this light running through her body.  Her aura expanding, with rays of light on all sides, she felt her body dissolve and her heart connect with the earth.  Like an hour glass of light running directly through her body, she felt the interconnectedness of herself with all things, and all things simply being light.  May you feel allow this and receive this, for you are eternally brilliant.


The canvas was blank.  Prayers to receive guidance were made as smoke billowed out from the pine sap offerings.  Several colors were placed on the palette and a rush of color began flying across the canvas.  This was a night when Sofia would paint without stopping for 2 hours.  She would barely look up, or step back as this image unfolded.  A twisted yet deep reflection on our current spiritual state and path of recovery lay in her brushes wake.  Upon completion, she stepped back only to find this profound message starring back at her, and in shock....she received its power.  She had prayed and she had received.  Let the image land inside you in many places.  It holds deep messages and keys to our path of remembering.

Isis and Me

Sofia had just come in contact with Isis in a powerful journey where she had received initiations.  Once again, she knew she needed to paint, the energy was building up in her body and needed to be released.  She began by painting huge roses across the canvas.  Nothing on her mind.  Then quickly the image began to morph as a huge wing stretched across the scene.  Then the water, the girl, the staff and eventually the goddess.  She had recently been given her wings as she continued to meet challenge after challenge of the unceasing initiations.  This painting would reveal to her that the spiritual support she had was impeccable and literally had her under her wing.

Focused Vision

There was a time where everything was scattered.  Little ground could be found until this moment when all neurons fired.  Sofia found herself calling all the scattered parts of herself to come back online.  To fall into place and allow her primary soul to start leading again after a long time of being off line.  This like many of her works was painted entirely in one sitting, without any preconceived plan.  Simply painted what flowed through her then stepped back to see what her inner self was relaying.  This piece certainly pays homage to the directive and somewhat masculine nature of focused action we all have within us as well as homage to the many colorful aspects of ourselves that make up the whole self.

Mt. Green Tara

It had been months since Sofia had created any art.  She was moving through some powerful Shamanic Trainings when spirit made it very clear she was not allowed to return home until she painted.  She was on the road from California and stopped at a local art store for canvases and paint then found herself next to a sacred spring in the mountains outside Mt. Shasta.  The water ran through her and she began to create the flow.  She was craving flow.  Freedom from her own inner torture.  Mental abuse.  The color flowed and so did she.  A she travelled home over the next couple days she would take herself to beautiful spots in the woods, with Mt views, by water and allow the elements to speak to her.  She needed to feel her own relation to the earth, fire, water, and wind.  This came slowly as she allowed herself to reground in these places while letting spirit move through her onto the canvas to remind her of her own inner guide.  Green Tara.

Bandelier Dream

Traveling through the Southwest, Sofia found a great affinity and connection to the ancient ruins of New Mexico.  Each day she'd visit ruins, feel the earth, absorb the images on the rocks, the structures and spirits lingering.  She felt a kindred connection with these dream people.  She would go back to her room at night and draw furiously, allowing the lines to flow from her with no plan or idea of what she was creating.  The images would fall out of her subconscious onto the canvas.  Months later she would come back to these drawings, finalizing them and enriching them into even more elaborate stories with vibrant color.  These are her dreamscapes, sharing the inner world of her outer travels.  Reminding us all of a world we once lived in,

Ix Chel - the Mayan Rainbow Goddess

Sofia would spend a good amount of time training within the lineage of Ix Chel, learning her ancient ceremony, connecting with her guidance and power.  She would eventually travel to the Mayan lands and both connect with the spirits of this place as well as her fellow priestesses in ceremony and travel to sacred sights for Ix Chel.  Ix Chel, similar to the Green Tara, has been a gateway for Sofia and continues to be a powerful ally in her healing work.  The wisdom of this goddess lies in her true feminine nature as a barer of both life and death.  As one who has harnessed the power of inner knowing and the heart.  If you are seeking healing and heart connection, Ix Chel is always present to be your guide.  Ask for her assistance and watch how the magic unfolds.

Moon Mama

The life of a mother, her deep connectedness to the primal waters of life.  A womb of creation, giving her very life blood and heart to her creation.  She also lives in a world where she may hold many things at once.  She seeks a deep inner peace to get her through times where she must seek stillness because she holds so much, that is the only way to not drop the ball.  Her guides are like lights in the sky, guided by her silent vision and dreams.  When we begin to birth something new in our lives, we are always faced with also letting go.

Tree Sitter

Watching the very web of life, push and pulse with throngs of thoughts.  Here she lounges, taking it all in.  Her thoughts, beliefs, ways of living, tangled like ornaments in the web that is both link and prison in this place.  Watching her from amidst the tree we find the earth goddess, the rabbit of rebirth, the moon and the snake, all symbols of the Goddess, waiting for when she will turn away from this subtle pre-occupation and remember, this is not all there is.  This may only be a distraction.  Oh but how entertaining it is.


When energy moves through you so clearly, you don't need words.  You feel how it captures your every inch of being and emanates your truth.  There may be many doors to open and close on the path to discovering this type of clarity, and even dreams swimming through the brilliant state.  But once its found, every center of one's being can blossom.

This piece was drawn as a breakthrough after Sofia's creativity had ceased.  It opened the flow and the portal, reminding her of the many lives and layers she had amidst her aura that could still be revealed and released.  And so she made it so.

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Visit Sofia's online gallery to view more of her visionary art and bring one of these powerful prayer filled works into your life. Each one is filled with energy that has the power to help shift what ever it is your needing to change.


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