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With the changing times we are here to meet you, hold you and guide you to finding relief, clarity, guidance and healing. Here you will be led in a safe space to express yourself, connect with spirit, and be held doing it? Through creativity, nature, ceremony, ancient teachings and contemporary mindfulness we connect you to your deepest knowing, Spirit and the fire in life you've been missing. Scroll down to see upcoming group offerings and to Register.

The Sofia Circle - Healing for Change

This Winter you are invited to deepen your relationship with yourself, your intuition, spirit and how you show up in the world. For many, the old ways are no longer working and we are ready to step into new ways of being and being of service. In this circle we will clarify what beliefs and behavior patterns are no longer serving us, while revealing the personal power and spiritual support that is available to carry us forward. Through bi-monthly channeled teachings, guided visualizations, personal growth work and shared experience, we will forge new ways of living, loving and being of service in the world, that are based in personal truth and spiritual values that you choose, versus those that have been handed down. Expect to expand your intuitive power, step into a new version of your life centered in your deepest needs and desires, feel connected and supported spiritually and be of service in the world in ways that sustain you.

Please email [email protected] or Text 541-716-1463 to apply.

Bi-Monthly Virtual Meetings where teachings, guided journey’s, reflection time and healing work will be channeled by Sofia Ravens.

This circle requires a 6 month commitment and is limited to an intimate size in order to create a solid container for change.
All content will be guided by Spirit, her experience and trainings in spiritual transformation as well as Sofia Ravens' lifetime of personal growth work.

Running November 11th 2020 through April 28st 2021

Occurring every 2nd and 4th Wednesday for 2 hours 
Time to be determined.

Additional dates and times will be made available as groups come together.

Dana (a Sanskrit term for Generosity, used for supporting teachers on the path): $150-$250 per month.

In-person gatherings and/or retreat opportunities will be proposed and hosted separately at The Sofia Sanctuary as recommended by spirit.


-Please plan to arrive to our sessions 5 minutes prior to the start.

-Participants are expected to make best efforts to attending all sessions.

-Unavoidable absence is accepted but there are no refunds for missed sessions.

-Recordings will be posted on private weblink for this circle.

-Participants will be charged on the 2nd Wednesday of each month using a provided cc # in the amount they have chosen from the range listed above. The amount offered for Dana can be changed at any time by contacting Sofia Ravens via email. Payment may also be made via check and is due the 1st week of each month.

-Upon Registering, each member will be given access to the circle website where recordings will be available after each session.

Online Visionary Art Circle 

 As we face unpredictable change we are called to get creative and adapt. It is important that we envision healing for ourselves and the world. Art is a gateway, connecting us to spirit, our deepest knowing and the greater matrix of consciousness and the world we live in. Through guided meditation, journeying and creativity we feel, release, confront, get curious, listen and pray. When we allow the creative spirit to flow through us, we open ourselves to receive guidance, wisdom and healing.  Like prayer, our intentions, connection points, and expressed images ignite the spark of the change we desire to create. For 20 years I have watched this practice illuminate and shape my life.  Our world is calling the visionary in all of us forward to heal and dream into reality a new world. Please join me in visioning change in the world. No skill or prior art experience is necessary. 

We will gather to be in circle and paint virtually.  In person gatherings will re-convene in the future.

Dates and Times : TBD

Contribution - TBD

Supplies - you are invited to use any of the following in your home space.

Pencil, pen, colored pencils, water colors, acrylics, crayons, markers.  Paper or canvas. If you don't have art supplies, just bring a pen or pencil and paper and your journal.


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The Art of Self Love - Coming Soon!

Discovering the MAGIC of your Heart
Embark on a special journey into the heart, where you will unleash your creative spark while finding yourself Stronger, Softer, Brighter, and more Centered in your Self Love than ever before.  We will travel a powerful journey of transformation through shadow work, ritual, mindfulness and creativity; shifting our struggles into strengths, establishing a foundation of self love for the long haul, and inner knowing and confidence that will hold you in 2021.

We will meet virtually twice a month for a guided group session and each week journeyers will also receive short inspirational teachings, recorded meditations and additional assignments designed to keep your transformation flowing through the weeks on your own time.  Additional one on one support is also available for a select few.

Dates to be announced.

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