Laurel M. Sofia-Ravens

Say YES to your Divine Spark!

Truth at Every Turn.....Waking up to the Magic

As a child, I would spend hours creating art and playing amidst the trees. This felt like home. Once in college, I pursued my BFA in Art. A dynamic path of self discovery unfurled as I awoke to channelling spirit. The messages simply came flooding in through my artwork. Over the years, I have studied Buddhist teachings, Shamanic traditions, treasured travel, ceremony, and deep personal work. Its been a long and potent road and my passion continues to unfold, like a fiery 1000 petaled lotus. I love helping people to connect to their own divinity and the magic of being alive. Every day we are learning more about the power of intention, visualization, and our thoughts. These findings reinforce our potential for healing. After 20 years of working as a professional artist, teacher and healer; I am still in awe of the profound magic that is available when we are willing to pay attention. I hope you'll join me.

Creating Sacred Space!
This teepee is one of the many sacred spaces where I hold sessions, classes, and ceremonies.  A design channeled from spirit and brought into reality by an amazing community of people who helped paint it and put it up. This space came into creation after illness and burnout had forced me to stop making art for over a year.  It was a dream I'd had for several years after traveling through the Southwest, yet the only way it was going to become a reality, was for me to ask for help and support.  When I was willing to receive, the generosity and healing flowed.  Now I get to share it with you. 


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What People Are Saying.... 

"From my very first session with Laurel, I experienced deep insights about my deepest longings in life, and how these would feel. These insights led to increasing clarity in my everyday decisions.  Laurel has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm and so many skills and talents, always giving her full non- judgmental attention and focus to support me in opening to new layers of awareness. The insights have not stopped and I find myself moving closer to my best life- our work, still working its magic. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift." 
-Marie Blaine

Ready for Change?

Its time to Come home to your own inner knowing and divine spark.






From Artist and Teacher to Intuitive and all comes from the same source.  Spirit and how it flows through us, how we listen and follow its lead.  The best part is that we can take off our "thinking caps" and let our hearts and inner knowing start to lead.  This is where all healing and remembering begins.  We are all on the journey home.


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