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What if you could come face to face with your deepest inner wisdom? Clarity and guidance so clear, it felt like a hand on your back; guiding, supporting, even urging you forward in life? What if you could feel at ease and in the flow, living a life that fills you up to your very core?

Your Deepest Knowing

Sometimes it take another person listening deeply and asking the right questions for us to begin to truly know ourselves.  This is at the heart of Laurel's work.  To hold space, offer intuitive guidance and lead her clients into a space within themselves where they can start creating change.  Clients frequently discover insights and clarity they otherwise might not find through guided visualizations and inquiry.  One such technique is called "Feeding Your Demons".  This is a powerful process for transforming our shadows into strengths or allies.  This work enables clients to move beyond old dysfunctional patterns, re-write their stories and  start living from a place of peace and clarity.

Spiritual Healing

Because life is more than what we see.  Spiritual healing provides energy to facilitate healing, while also helping to clear unwanted energy from the individual's field.  This frees up life force, mental, emotional and even physical energy.  We take on a lot, as we move through life, having semi-regular spiritual healing sessions provides clients with better health, clarity and peace.  Other techniques include Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, and Extraction.  Soul Retrieval returns energetic parts of us that may have been lost through trauma or challenging life situations. Soul loss can cause distressing life patterns, illness, depression, anxiety and a general lack of clarity and confidence in life. Spiritual Healing helps bring the individual back into a state of wholeness over time.

Earth Medicine

Used for centuries for their subtle yet powerful remedies, stone and flower essences, essential oils, and more have provided infinite support for healing.  Plants and stones are used in sessions as well as provided in custom essence blends, teas, oils and more for clients interested in receiving this additional  support.  All blends are organic, wildcrafted or grown by Laurel.

Stone and Plant Allies

Stones and plants are used on and around the body in healing sessions to provide additional energetic support.  Each plant and stone carries a certain healing power and vibration, when brought into the field, they help re-align, clear and bring positive energy to your energy body.  This is one way we re-connect with nature and remember.

Spirit Guide Readings

Clients can request spirit help by receiving a personalized spirit guide reading.  The client will answer several questions to help focus the reading and then Laurel will connect with her helping spirits to attain information and healing for the client.  This can be done remotely or added to an in person session.

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